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Get your invoices paid faster

  • Release cash from your 15-120 day invoices
  • 1.6-2.6% discount on 30 day invoice
  • No hidden fees
  • No reserves

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Faster turnover = faster growth

Don't wait for your customers to pay


Your business doesn't stop. Neither should your deal flow. Get your invoices paid in a fraction of the time and carry on doing what you do best.

More money to spend


Use the cash from your invoices right away to satisfy increased customer demand, start new projects, or smooth out seasonality.

You have control


No need to be tied down by the banks into long-term agreements. Have the freedom of financing individual invoices on demand.

How does it work?


What are the invoice requirements?

  • Hasn't reached the due date
  • 15-120 days in term
  • Amount less than £100,000

How much do I get for my invoice?

Invoice amount

Payment due date in 1 days

  • No reserves

    Unlike other typical factoring providers, we finance up to 100% of your invoice, minus the fees.

    You receive


  • Expected total cost


    No hidden fees

    Hidden fees suck. You will always know exactly how much you're paying.


You get the best rates

Your invoice gets financed in a reverse auction

  • Total discount
    Bid amount
    Amount filled
  • 1.2%
  • 1.3%
  • 1.4%
  • 1.5%
  • The last bid to fill the invoice amount sets the total discount rate


    Bids get sorted from lowest to highest by interest rate

  • 1.8%

    As better bids come in, they push the others out

How do we compare?

Example: financing three £20,000 invoices a year

  • What you get
    £ 19,440
    £ 17,000
    £ 16,000
    £ 18,000
  • Total cost of financing
    £ 560
    £ 615
    £ 1,449
    £ 1,459
  • Advance rate
  • Signup fee
    £ 0
    £ 0
    £ 350
    £ 0
  • How much you pay extra?


What customers say about us?

Andrew Robertson

Matt and Ben's Ltd

The speed at which we got our invoice paid was incredible. It was so easy. Investly is solving an age old problem in a 21st century way.

Mkt. avg. fee


Investly fee



£121 saved

Alan Mullen

JBRW Consulting Limited

My business was looking to release some funding tied up in an invoice. Investly kept me informed of progress at all stages. Would definitely recommend it.

Mkt. avg. fee


Investly fee



£111 saved

Anti Rannus

Downtown Visuals

The invoice was funded in one day. Without Investly we would've had to wait two months for the money that we had already earned.

Mkt. avg. fee


Investly fee



£166 saved

How do I get started?


Fill out your company information

Upload your bank statements

Review and accept offer with credit limit

Upload your invoices


It's free and only takes a few minutes!

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