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Helping businesses grow

We help businesses to get working capital from investors globally


Siim Maivel


Ruth Chamberlain

UK Country Manager

Kristjan Velbri

Chief Financial Officer

Tiina Kiislar

Head of Sales 

Marja Danil

HR Manager

Nick Mayhew

Sales Executive

Maarja Voolaid

Account Manager

Karolina Królicka

Performance Marketing Manager

Priit Tomson

Account Manager

Kristjan Kajaste

Chief Operating Officer

Annette Parkel

Account Manager

Aleksander Vall

Product Manager

Tõnis Jakobsoo

Product Engineer

Julia Malasok


Kevin Kaar

Product Engineer

Virgo Lepp

Product Engineer

(Military Service)

Karl-Martin Miil

Product Engineer
(Military Service) 

Triin Rast

Head of UK Customer Support

Alex Sajenko

Product Engineer

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Our investors

<a href='https://sg.linkedin.com/in/sonny-aswani-26828b89' target='_blank'>Sonny Aswani</a>

Sonny Aswani

Entrepreneur and industrialist in Asia and Europe




Director at Annus & Alaniit OÜ

"Releasing cash from our 30 day invoices helped us to increase stock and service more customers."




Director at Sepapaja OÜ

"With the financing from Investly, we were able to purchase new equipment to our store and improve our product offering."