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How much do I have to pay per invoice?


On our platform, you will always be quoted the total cost.

We see that some finance providers aren't always straightforward about the fees they charge, leading on businesses with unexpected costs. While selling your invoices through Investly there will be a one-off small fee of 1.5%-3.1% per invoice for a 30-day invoice and we will always quote you the total fee with no hidden or monthly costs.


If you want to dig deeper and understand the cost components within...

The total discount amount includes the investor interest and Investly's fee. 


Let's say you have a £10,000 invoice you would like to finance. The payment due is within 30 days and the monthly discount is 1%.

  • Monthly interest rate = 1%
  • Investly fee (1%, minimum £50) = 1% * £10,000 = £100
  • Monthly interest amount = (Invoice amount - Investly fee) - (Invoice amount - Investly fee)/(1+monthly interest rate) = (£10,000 - £100) - (£10,000 - £100)/(1+0,01) = £98
  • Total discount = Monthly interest + Investly fee = £98 + £100 = £198

After financing your 30 day £10,000 invoice you will receive £9,802

Here's a table for different payment terms following the same example:

how much do i have to pay per invoice

The final cost can actually be lower than the initial quote due to our competitive auction system in which investors bid down the financing cost for you.


Do I have to pay for the signup?


How much does Investly charge for the service?

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