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How much will I actually get for my invoice?

When financing your invoices with Investly, you will only be charged a one-off, per-invoice fee ranging between 1.65-2.6% of the total invoice amount.

“The speed at which we got our invoice paid was incredible. It was so easy. Investly is solving an age-old problem in a 21st century way.” Andrew Robertson, Matt & Ben’s Ltd £60 saved with Investly
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How does Investly deliver the best rates in the market?
Investly is a marketplace that connects investors with invoice finance seekers.

The invoice gets financed through an auction process where investors are able to place competing bids of varying sums and rates.

The investors are able to outbid each other by offering better interest rates, which lets you reap the benefits of the most competitive rates on the market.

  • Total
  • 1.2%
  • 1.3%
  • 1.4%
  • 1.5%
  • The last bid to fill the invoice amount sets the total discount rate


    Bids get sorted from lowest to highest by interest rate

  • 1.8%
  • 2.0%

    As better bids come in, they push the others out

You are probably paying more than you think
Total fee with Investly on 30 day invoice:
(doesn't include VAT)

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Invoice Finance FAQ

How much of my invoice is Investly going to finance?

We finance 100% of your invoice amount, minus only a discount (1.65-2.6% on average on a 30 day invoice), which covers Investly's handling fee and the investors' profit. We do not require any reserves.

Do you have any limits for the size or term of the invoice?

The invoice should not have reached its due date yet. The payment terms should be between 15 and 120 days. The goods or services should already have been delivered to the customer. We only finance invoices issued to other businesses, not those to private individuals.

Can I finance individual invoices?

Yes! You have complete freedom to finance individual invoices on-demand. No need to be tied down by the banks into long-term agreements. You have control over your sales ledger.

Why should I use invoice finance?

Invoice finance can be used for many business reasons, but it is an especially great fit for companies that face long payment terms for the invoices they issue. Get your invoices paid immediately to meet seasonal demand, hire extra staff or win new customers.