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Investly’s first funded small business looks forward to a more creative future

Sixteen people invested on our platform to enable our first business to purchase essential machinery that they needed to grow.

Sepapaja is a blacksmiths running a successful family business on an island off the coast of Estonia. They were looking to raise €4,200 to purchase two machines that would drive their creativity and enable them to make a wider variety of products as well as positively impact the efficiency of production.

Stig, the owner, looked into going down the usual route of applying for a bank loan, but like most creditworthy small businesses, he lacked sufficient collateral to qualify.  Until he heard of Investly, Stig was resigned to waiting until he had saved up the money.  He seized the opportunity and we quickly and easily enabled individuals to lend him the money through our platform.

Stig said “Skipping banks is not the only benefit of Investly. When you profile your business on the platform, it is also a sort of advertising. More people get to notice you and it can lead to some new contacts along the way.”
Stig now has his new machines and is really positive about their impact. “Our new lathe has already greatly helped us in one of the fence projects and our huge power hammer is being set up. So yes, a big improvement to the business and great Christmas are both on the way.”
Stig machine 2

If you want to directly help a small business like Sepapaja grow and achieve their goals, as well as achieve a good return on your investment, check out our latest company and start investing.