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P2P predictions for 2015

Happy New Year from us all at Investly!

There are lots of interesting articles on what's going to happen in the Peer-to-peer sector in 2015.

The three key areas to highlight are: continued growth, P2P ISA’s and IPOs.

1. We thought that this year’s growth was impressive but predictions from Liberum AltFi volume index predicts the UK total P2P industry in 2015 to reach nearly £3bn - an increase of 185% year on year.
2. Christine Farnish, Chair of the Peer-to-Peer Finance Association contributes on MoneySavingExpert giving her thoughts on how mainstream consumers will become aware of P2P with the introduction of the ‘Lending ISA’ in the UK next year.
3. On crowdfundbeat Richard Swart gives many interesting observations about crowdfunding and alternative finance in 2015, particularly at point 7 where he covers IPO’s. The Lending Club’s IPO impact is still felt as Prosper and OnDeck are set to follow suit.

Looks like we are in for an interesting year!