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What is the Investly invoice discounting service?

In order to make the invoice discounting service as simple and easy to understand as possible, we have given a short example of a real life situation:

Example 1: Company perspective

A Company called Vitality Ltd issued an invoice worth £10,000 to their client Avangers Ltd for products that had already been delivered. The invoice payment due date is 60 days from the issued date. Vitality Ltd however have just landed a new client, and in order to provide them top quality service they need to make investments. They don't currently have the spare funds until Avangers pay their invoice. But 60 days is too long to wait and Vitality need their money now to move forward.

The Investly invoice discounting service offers Vitality the opportunity to sell their invoice directly after issuing it for approximately £9,700. This means they receive the funds as soon as the sale is successful and will be able use the cash to provide their services immediately to their new client.

Example 2: Investor’s perspective


John is an entrepreneur running his own company. His business has been quite successful lately and he has a large sum of money in his business bank account. His business need cash to fund bigger projects, and the next large project is planned to start in 3 months’ time. As the money is not making any profit while just sitting in the bank account, John decided to invest it into invoices. As an investment option, invoice buying is short-term and offers higher returns. John can earn back his investment with a decent profit in only 1-2 months, and well ahead of the time his next big project is due to start.

Through Investly, a company can discount their invoices with long payment periods and receive their money quickly. The funds received will help them grow the business and continue developing and offering products and services to customers without any delay. For the investor, investing in invoices means higher returns in a shorter time frame and is therefore also less risk.

If you're a business owner looking to sell your invoices, or an investor wanting to invest in in invoice discounting, please contact us at support@investly.co, and we will give you access to our private beta testing environment where all transactions are made in real time.