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May 2016 invoice trading overview

The month of May saw a slight decrease in invoice volumes, but overall the month was successful. In April we sold quite a few large invoices which pushed up the average invoice value and the monthly volume. However, the overall trend is positive: we had four new companies sell their first invoice and many more have signed up. At the end of the month we were awarded the Crowdfunding Best Practice label by FinanceEstonia and Deloitte Legal. We also made a decision to start investing in Estonian invoices alongside investors.

Invoice discounting (Estonia)


  • total volume: €270,084
  • May volume: €83,898
  • average yield per 30 days: 1.29%
  • average annualized yield: 15.70%
  • average duration: 39 days
  • repaid: 17 (out of 31 sold)
  • default rate: 0.00%

Invoice discounting (United Kingdom)

  • total volume: £23,121
  • May volume: £12,132
  • average yield per 30 days: 1.18%
  • average annualized yield: 14.32%
  • average duration: 30 days
  • repaid: 3 (out of 4 sold)
  • default rate: 0.00%

Since April investors have had access to the Beta version of the automatic bidder. The autobidder allows investors to set the bid amount and interest rate and let the autobidder do the bidding for them. Around 90 investors were using the automatic bidder at the end of April. Test it out yourself!