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Announcing two new partnerships: EVEA and ERPLY Books

ERPLY Books and EVEA

We are proud to announce two new partnerships: Estonian small-business association (EVEA) and cloud accounting platform ERPLY Books.

Estonia's small-business development is often limited due to the availability of working capital and insufficient funds for growth. However, if small businesses want to survive they have to invest to stay competitive. Currently one of the few avenues for small businesses to get additional financing is to turn to banks for a business loan. When banks turn them down (which often happens, even though they are creditworthy), there is little to no alternative. Until now.

With this new partnership, EVEA members will be able to apply for a loan with a discount on credit scoring fees among their other benefits. This way small businesses have more of a fighting change of being successful and staying in business.


One click loan applications

The other big news is our integration with ERPLY Books. ERPLY Books is an easy to use cloud-based professional accounting software. In addition to traditional accounting modules, it allows for automation of accounting through bank data import/export, data archiving, accounting reports and more.

ERPLY Books customers will be able apply for an Investly business loan right from their accounting software with just the click of a button. This way, the initial process of applying for a loan only takes minutes. Speed is important as the quicker the applying process, the quicker we can make credit assessment and give answers to progress.