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June 2016 invoice trading overview

June was another busy month for Investly. We broke records in the UK and Estonia both in terms of the volume of invoices sold but also the number of new customers who sold their first invoice. July should see a noticeable pick-up in the UK as we have a new sales person joining our London team.

More news from June:

  • The UK voted to leave the EU. The decision and the ultimate exit doesn't change anything for Investly. We are still open to all investors from the European Economic Area. Should the UK decide to leave the EEA as well as the EU, UK residents are welcome to continue as investors using Estonian e-residency.
  • In June we wrote a post about the Investly automatic bidder (Beta). What is it and how does it work? Read the article and find out.

Invoice discounting (Estonia)platform black

  • June volume: €259,822
  • total volume:  €529,907
  • net return per 30 days: 1.24%
  • net annualised return: 15.1%
  • average duration: 31 days
  • repaid: 24 (out of 48 sold)
  • default rate: 0.00%

Invoice discounting (United Kingdom)market invoice

  • June volume: £21,884
  • total volume: £44,461
  • net return per 30 days: 1.25%
  • net annualised return: 15.20%
  • average duration: 28 days
  • repaid: 5 (out of 12 sold)
  • default rate: 0.00%