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July 2016 invoice trading overview

Investly team event in Tallinn BayVolume and the number of invoices traded keep making new highs. More importantly, we are seeing a lot of customers return after having sold their first invoice. The demand has been so great that we're looking for new employees in London and Tallinn. It makes us happy to be able to provide a solution that companies really need and investors appreciate. We'd like to thank all investors for helping us make that happen!

We also added new people to our team! A new CTO from Transferwise, a sales manager from Deutsche Bank and three young and eager junior developers! We will be featuring stories with them in a short while.

Invoice discounting (Estonia)Investly invoice trading volume July cumulative EN

  • July volume: €347,000
  • total volume:  €877,000
  • net return per 30 days: 1.21%
  • net annualised return: 14.73%
  • average duration: 31 days
  • repaid: 40 (out of 67 sold)
  • default rate: 0.00%


Invoice discounting (United Kingdom)Investly invoice trading volume July cumulative UK EN

  • July volume: £30,000
  • total volume: £78,000
  • net return per 30 days: 1.34%
  • net annualised return: 16.35%
  • average duration: 30 days
  • repaid: 10 (out of 18 sold)
  • default rate: 0.00%

The data can be downloaded here.