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Why should growing food businesses consider invoice financing?

invoice financing for food businesses

Here at Investly, we are aware that food businesses are some of the worst affected by poor cash flow, as grocery retailers tend to have lengthy payment terms. Typically growing food businesses in the UK will end up waiting 30-90 days to get paid for their goods - sometimes even as long as 180 days.

This is a huge challenge for food businesses looking to pay for stock, paying staff, and cash flow to fulfil larger orders or contracts with retailers.

How can Investly help?

We aim to smooth cash flow peaks, getting invoices paid quicker. You don’t have to wait out the long payment terms that well-known retailers negotiate in their contracts. The funds from the invoice will be released into your account within 24 hours. You can even upload the invoice directly on Investly at the same time as issuing the invoice to your clients. 

How much can you borrow? 

Investly funds invoices from as little as £1k. If you have smaller invoice amounts, but the invoices are billing the same customer with them same due date - then we can bundle them. 

How quickly could you get the money?

We aim to get you paid within 24 hours of your invoice being uploaded onto the site. Getting set up on the platform is just 3 simple steps, and then we can offer you a credit limit. Once you have approved this and are happy with our T&C’s - you are ready to upload your invoice.


Matt and Ben are using invoice financing for their food business  

"The speed at which we got our invoice paid was incredible. It was so easy. Investly is solving an age old problem in a 21st century way."

Ben Robertson, Matt and Ben's Ltd


What could you use it for?

Food businesses can benefit from Investly by negotiating early payment discounts with suppliers, scaling up hiring more staff and paying critical bills. Perhaps you experience seasonality or have high-pressure periods at your business, such as Christmas, where you could really do with some extra cash. You can also invest in training and upskilling your staff, new equipment to increase or speed up production, or even a new premises. The opportunities are endless!

How do you pay it back?

Once your goods or services have been delivered, you will raise the invoice using the Investly bank details. When the retailer pays the invoice, we get the money back directly, and investors on our website will get repaid too.

To get started, click here to sign up.